Africans react as President Kagame sent 18 Chinese back to China for maltreating Rwandans

Africans has hail President Paul Kagame of Rwanda for sending 18 Chinese back to China for maltreating Rwadans in their own country.

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda has been joyfully praised by Africans for taking a bold step to defend Rwandan citizens.

Going by the reports, Paul Kagame sent eighteen Chinese back home to China on two illegal offences.

Paul Kagame said he wouldn’t allow any foreigners to turn Rwadans to slave in the own country by using them to work more than the stipulated hours as slaves. He said Africa is relatively peaceful and slavery wouldn’t be tolerated.

He said Rwanda is strictly for Africans and those who wish the country well and Africans must be deprived of their rights in their country. He said this should be a lesson to those remaining Chinese and any investors.

Expectedly, this singular act of his has received so much praises from all Africans who have come across this news.

“Africa is a peaceful continent, we don’t tolerate discrimination here or to be slaves again.

“This country is for Africans and those who mean well for us. I’m instructing those 18 chinese to go back and never return back! Rwandan must enjoy their rights in their country! let this be a lesson for the remaining Chinese and other investors! Respect us and we’ll welcome you with our good hearts!”

Most Africans say it is the right decision in right direction, some praise his leadership style while others advise other African leaders to borrow a leaf from Paul Kagame’s leadership or take a clue from him.

See reactions from Africans below

☝️This is how true leaders should lead their peoples. Not most of these corrupt crooks pretending to be “humble” Presidents. Bravo Paul Kagame.

☝️But why are other African President afraid of applying their own law of the land?

☝️Chinese people think they can come to our land and start mistreating our people general kagame God will bless you more that’s how it’s done when you’re fighting for your people not in Zambia were we apologize to China people it’s shame.

☝️If this is true, I say well done brother Kagame. I hope other African leaders will take a leaf from your great action.

☝️Thumbs up Africa United, well done General.

This is why when any white,yellow, brown or orange man ask me where am from, I always say from Rwanda even though I am from Zambia.

☝️after the death of my two heroes(Mugabe & gaddafi)I’ve found a new hero”KAGAME”.

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