Asari Dokubo challenged Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB to take over Owanza, Egbema, other Oil fields (Video)

Asari Dokubo, former Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force, NDPVF, has challenged Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, to take over Owanza, Egbema, other Oil fields and stop “ranting”.

Dokubo, a former Niger Delta warlord has asked Kanu and the IPOB to stop ranting and take over oil fields in the Southeast.

He issued the challenge in a video posted on his Facebook page, on Monday.

According to Dokubo: “I laugh at Igbo people, they should be able to reign in their rotten eggs and if they are not, others will generalise because some of them don’t represent Igbos but abuse others. Igbo’s should discipline their recalcitrants, idiotic, stupid fellow Igbos.

“IPOB members always talk about oil production and question the benefits Ijaw people have derived from oil production, as if there are no oil-producing communities in Igbo land which qualifies them to be part of the NDDC when they are not Niger Delta.

“The oil-producing areas in Igbo land like Owanza, Aza, Ogwuta, Ndukwa, Obar, who is in the management of those oil fields? Is it the Igbo people that are managing it?

“Today, Ijaw people are benefiting more from oil production than any other people and whatever benefits accrued to others from oil is a fight of the Ijaw people.

“So before the Igbo people call us they should look at themselves and take control of all these oil fields then we will take them seriously, they should be able to address their people.

“We when we talk the whole world shakes, oil price comes down but then what have they done, only to rant.

“They have nothing other than to rant, I challenged Nnamdi Kanu and his group to take over Owanza, Egbema, and other oil fields if they are men. We take and close down oil fields at will. The flow station on my family land I closed it now since 2000, Nnamdi Kanu should go and do the same.

“Whatever benefit oil-producing areas are getting today is from the struggle of Ijaw people, be it NDDC, Amnesty is solely from our struggle, carry out yours and bring something to your people let us see rather than ranting cowardly rant.”

See video:

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