Boy died after eating smoked fish mix with rat poison by his mother

An 11-Years old boy identified as Lekan has reportedly died after eating a smoked fish mix vigorously with rat poison placed under the living room center table by his mother.

The mother identified as Mrs Idowu Bolanle who lives at No.18 David Kolawole street Abule Egba Lagos has disclosed to police her son died after eating rat poison mix with fish which she placed under the table.

Speaking about how the unfortunate incident turned out she revealed in his words;

“On my way going out on Sunday, I decided on buy a rat killer because we have rodents disturbances in our house.They allegedly destroy our food stuff, damaged some of our clothes and disturbed our precious sleep”

“When I got back home in the night my young son had already sleep so I didn’t disturb his sleep so I mix the rat killer with a smoked fish I bought as well and placed it under our living room center table and I went to sleep”.

“Waking up the next morning I can’t find the fish there I was happy that they had eaten it and expecting them to die soon then I headed to my son’s room only to find a plate with a head of fish placed and found him laying on the floor then I knew he was the one who ate the fish after he woke up in the middle of the night.

“Immediately I knew something terrible had happened, I carried him and with the help of neighbors we rushed to the nearest private hospital

He was confirmed dead and autopsy revealed he died after eating poison and his corpse moved to the hospital morgue.

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