Consul-General of Nigeria assaulted in China after speaking out for Nigerians

The Consul-General of Nigeria in Guangzhou, China, Mr Anozie Maduabuchi Cyril was allegedly assaulted after he tackled Chinese authorities for targetting Nigerians amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Anozie Maduabuchi Cyril was praised for speaking up for Nigerians in the Asian country after he tackled Chinese authorities in Guangzhou in relation to a viral video showing Nigerians being sent out of their hotels and apartments.

He accused Chinese officials of targetting Nigerians amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

He was allegedly assaulted after speaking out for Nigerians. The alleged assault was not captured but a new video has now gone viral showing him blowing hot.

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“All of you want to kill me?” he is heard asking in a video after he was allegedly assaulted.

Activist Segun “Segalinks” Awosanya has called out the presidency for allowing this ill-treatment suffered by Nigerians

He shared a video of Mr Cyril after the alleged attack and wrote: “The pig pen of the Presidency at the BMC were grunting in pain all through yesterday in support of the importation of Chinese’s Greek Gift sandwiched with their Doctors despite the NMA’s outcry against this. Just look at how our diplomat & citizens are treated in China! #Shame.”

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