Coronavirus: Angry villagers blocked Ekiti and Ondo State border with Trees

The people of Ekiti state has gathered together to safe their lives by blocking the borders that separate them from Ondo state.

The chairman of a group in one of the villages under Ekiti state has taken a bold step by calling on the youths to protect themselves from the spread of COVID-19.

The point of border between Ekiti and Ondo States blocked by the indigenes of Ikere-Ekiti to prevent further inter-state movement as a result of CIVID-19 lockdown.

When interviewed why such action was taken, the chairman who spoke on behalf of the group said, adequate measures have to be taken by the masses before the government can intervene.

Both commercial and private cars have been banned from passing through the community. Some vigilante group’s have been ordered to mount the border and hand over any violator to the police station.


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