Coronavirus: Atiku donates N50 Million, advise FG to give 10,000 each to Nigerian citizens as stimulus package

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has advised the federal government to assist Nigerians with 10,000 each to alleviate suffering and make them stay at home.

Atiku stated this on his Facebook page as he speak on how to help curb the spread of killer diseases Coronavirus.

According to Atiku,

“As the coronavirus pandemic ravages the world.

“I applaud the various Nigerian state governments who have proactively taken measures, such as issuing stay at home orders, and shutting down non-essential markets and other places of mass gatherings, while also giving guidelines for social distancing.

“However, we must accept the fact that much of the Nigerian public have a subsistence existence.

“A large percentage of our people do not have the financial capacity to withstand long periods of self-isolation and even lockdown.

“It is, therefore, incumbent on the Federal and state governments to provide palliatives to the Nigerian people to enable them to survive, even as they abide by these necessary measures put in place for their safety.

“At an approximate 30 million households or Assembly to reconvene in an emergency session, perhaps by teleconference (in line with the demands of social distancing), to legislate a Stimulus Package Act that will cater for all Nigerian citizens.

“To this end, Priam Group pledges N50 million on my behalf as my humble contribution to a relief Fund that will form part of the stimulus package.”

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