Coronavirus: Edo people are their own problem – Edo Govt

Edo state government has condemned the attitude of the people of the state and has tagged them as being the problem behind the spread of the COVID-19 in the state.

Special Adviser to the Governor on Strategy and Program Management, Dr. Uyi Uwa-Malaka made this known today in Benin while addressing media on the readiness of the government, challenges and helps they have been receiving to battle the pandemic to a stand still.

“We are seeing an increased number in Edo not because we do not know we have it but because of total ignorance on the part of our people, they are covering up for their friends and families who are coming into Edo who may have been exposed to the Virus.

Coronavirus: Edo people are their own problem – Edo Govt

“But our people are the problems here. We need to know that the responsibility lies with us here.

“What we are saying again is you need to let us know when we have people coming into your home or neighborhood and are likely to have come in contact with carriers or positive patients so that actions may be taken immediately”.

Talking on contact traces tracking of possible positive patients, the SA said the government have everything in place to checkmate that.

“We are at all time high with our level of tracking, on daily basis we get reports of cases, but we need to carry out proper investigation before we launch into actions. There is an effective and efficient tracking in place”.

“We are prepared for this outbreak, Stella Obasanjo hospital in Benin city is ready with more than 25 ventilators as at now and we are expecting more as well as getting other materials day in and out, we are at all times on ground, but again, our people are not helping situation.”

On when precisely the government will pronounce the lockdown, the former Senior Special Assistant to the governor noted that, that would only be after proper preparation has been put in place.

“At some point, there will be a lock down, but our immediate response was not to impose a lockdown on the people, we did not take that path because we knew we have to prepare adequately and make provisions before we can take the total lockdown approach”.

“There are tremendous responses from people of Edo state, organizations and from the civil service, there are currently six warehouses receiving relieve materials from well-meaning Edo people. When we do want to give out things to people, we would go through the right channels to get them involved.

She however admonishes every persons in the state to stay safe and not panic as the government have them in mind.

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