Coronavirus: Igbo Landlord  reduces Tenant rent tells them to use quota to buy coronavirus prevention gadget

Mr Osuagwu Kenneth Chibueze, landlord of a certain property with many tenants whose rents are #450k and #350k respectively. Out of the kindness of his heart, wrote a public notice to his tenants which was posted on the property and also got share to their WhatsApp.

Mr Kenneth wrote;

Notice to all Tenants

Greetings, this is to inform you that I’ve reduced your rent for those in 2 bedroom flats from #350k to #250k and those in #450k to #350k from March 2020 to February 2021. My decision is due to Humanitarian consideration after Corona Virus Pandemic that has affected you businesses and lives negatively.

Kindly use the money I’ve waived to buy sanitizers, other health recommended products and more food to sustain for the unprepared expenses. Meanwhile let’s pray and trust the pandemic ends soon.


Osuagwu Kenneth Chibueze (DBBK)


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