Coronavirus: North Korea not interested in Trump’s help – Kim

Mr Trump and Mr Kim have repeatedly touted their unusual relationship. They exchanged a number of personal letters before and after their first summit in Singapore in 2018, and at one point Mr Trump said he and Mr Kim had fallen “in love”.

It was reported that Trump has earlier sent letter to Kim Jong-Un so that he can help in tackling coronavirus.

But relations between Pyongyang and Washington ​have cooled since the leaders’ second summit, held in Vietnam last February.

Talks collapsed over differences regarding how quickly North Korea should dismantle its nuclear weapons program and when Washington should ease sanctions.

Since then, Mr Kim has repeatedly said that

“North Korea is no longer interested in diplomacy with the United States unless it changed what he called its hostile policy, including sanctions.

He also warned that the country no longer felt bound by its self-imposed moratorium on testing nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missiles​.

On Saturday, Mr Kim attended the testing of two short-range ballistic missiles by ​his military.

“mentioned his special personal relations with Mr Trump again and appreciated the personal letter.”

But he said he is not interested with United States help due to their arrogance.

The good personal relations between the two leaders were not enough to improve their countries’ ties.

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