Coronavirus: WHO gave us faulty advice on keeping borders open to China – Trump

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Trump to freeze resources coming to WHO

President Trump has threatens to freeze resources coming from the US to World Health Organisation (WHO).

Trump has promise to give World Health Organization and the United Nations a break as he remains unmovable on his claims that they were aware of the Coronavirus pandemic still they said it wasn’t necessary to put a ban on travellers coming from China.

According to him,

The United Nation, World Health Organization was “China- centric” and as such, they wouldn’t be getting any money from the United States”.

Trump added that WHO couldn’t have said they knew nothing about the COVID-19 pandemic noting strongly they told him not to close the US borders to China even though he wanted to do that after it was discovered that the virus began to spread beyond the chores of Wuhan.

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He added that since the outbreak of the pandemic, WHO have been overly friendly with China and since they’ve been unperturbed about the health of the US citizens, he’ll be putting a stop to their resources coming from the US.

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