I will never fight for Nigerians again, they are not worth it – Mr P

Nigerian Artist and award winner, Peter Okoye has Stated that he will never fight for Nigerians again as they do not worth it.

“It was before I pity this country, if I pity this country again, call me ba***rd.
Right now, I have crossed the border, because as I am now, my children’s children will not suffer.
“I have gotten to a stage in my life where what people say doesn’t really bother me anymore.
What bothers me is this, I am not a politician but I will say this, those people who condemn the government stealing money, put them there tomorrow, they will also steal money.

“I am one of the musicians in this country who used to fight for the people but I have lost it.
“Nigerians are not worth fighting for, these people will sit down in their homes with that cheap data, looking for what to eat and still condemn me sitting under my air conditioner.

“If you like you hate on me, it is better you go and buy sniper or un-follow me, I earn nothing less than 10 to 15 thousand followers on Instagram every day, which means I will keep rising.

“They said I should act mature, who maturity help?
Are you waiting for me to be broke?
These same people, give them money to slap their mothers, they will do it, useless people.”

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