Floyd: Watch as hundreds of White Americans renounce their privilege while sitting on the ground (video)

Hundreds of white gathered to renounce their privilege while on the ground.

This was done in protest of the wrongful killing of a black man in US – George Floyd.

Its really getting more and more serious as the protest continues for George Floyd.

Recalls that George Floyd was wrongfully murdered by a cop. The cop who made an arrested on George Floyd for a crime committed, choked him to death. This act is totally not acceptable and punishable.

The people are however protesting because the act is discrimination and right judgement isn’t given to the killer (Derek) for the act committed.

Just yesterday the whites gathered in hundreds to renounce their privilege while sitting on the ground.

They said racism must stop and must do their best to stop discrimination and educate their community on it.

Watch the video below.

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