George Floyd’s death: Iran blasts US calls for war against racism

Iran mad with the US over the alleged killing if George Floyd, the unarmed black man by a white Police officer.

Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javed Zarif stated that some people did not think that black lives matters.

Following Floyd death, violent riots has sparked across America territory.

Report confirmed that China and Russia have targetted the US for its mishandling of the case.

Mnister Mohammad Javed Zarif via Twitter wrote that some people did not think that “black lives matter” as he posted an edited copy of US secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s statement. In 2018, Pompeo had called out on the Iran government saying that it was squandering its citizens. However, the new version had elements cut and replaced to target ‘American dictators’. Calling on America’s tactics of suppression, the tweet also said that Americans were tired of “racism, corruption injustice, and incompetence from leaders”.

Meanwhile, Trump, on May 29, reportedly said that he had talked to the family of late George Floyd. Floyd, an African-American man died in custody after a policeman knelt on his neck suffocating him to death. Previously, the American leader was lampooned after he dubbed protesters as ‘thugs’ on social media. In his tweet, he had also warned, “when looting starts, the shooting starts” However, later he came out in the support of peaceful protests and asked people to respect the memory of late George Floyd.

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