How Primate Ayodele predicted World Health Organisation travails

The prophecy of Primate Elijah Ayodele on World Health Organization WHO has come to pass.

The prophet earlier predicted that WHO will get into trouble and will be sanctioned amidst Covid-19 crisis and that America will withdraw its support for the organization.

He made it known that WHO has gotten it wrong and there is huge corruption in handling the crisis.

“WHO has gotten it wrong, they are not bringing in the presence of God and failure to do this will not help because there will be corruption in the fund raising even in the international level.

“The issues between WHO and America should be taken serious, WHO Will still be sanctioned because of Corruption, they will want to use it to gang up against America, to battle Donald Trump.

“I see America withdrawing support from WHO’’

Just as he said, WHO, for some days now have been the talk of the town over some gory things.

News has it that Donald Trump has threatened to remove the support USA is giving WHO financially, amidst other crisis

Primate Elijah Ayodele had also predicted that there will be several attacks in the northern part of Nigeria by insurgents, also the death of a judge in the country.

Just as he said, several attacks have been recorded of recent and A Cheif Judge in Yobe had just died.

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