If you still use pressure cooker, this message is for you

Today, let’s talk about Pressure Cooker, I have always have people ask me how she could open her hot pressure pot. And all I could do was screaming over the phone at the top of my voice “DON’T OPEN IT, DON’T OPEN IT” even when I knew she was older than me but that scream was more out of fear.

While using a pressure cooker is cool, very fast and convenient especially to quickly soften hard and tough recipes but one of the most terrifying things that can happen in the kitchen is having your pressure cooker explode.

It can be really dangerous. You hopefully won’t ever have to deal with a pressure cooker explosion, and today, I’ll show you how you can avoid it.

What Causes Pressure Cooker Explosions

To avoid a pressure cooker explosion, you need to know what causes one, and in almost every case, it comes down to two things: faulty equipment and not following the instructions for use.

Before you begin cooking, you should always check the rubber gasket on your pressure cooker to ensure it’s not dry and doesn’t have any cracks in it and check to make sure the vents aren’t blocked by running some warm water through them.

Once you’re sure your pressure cooker parts are in good condition, then follow the instructions of use to the letter.

Listed below are some common mistakes people make when using pressure cookers and these could lead to a pressure cooker explosion.

1. Do not ignore instructions that come with it.

2. Never ever try to open your pressure cooker while it’s still very hot. Cool it under a running tap to get the pressure down.

3. Do not add too much water when cooking with a pressure pot.

4. Never Overstuff the pot while cooking.

5. Ensure you are not cooking at the wrong temperature.

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