Israeli vs Iran Conflict: Will Iran use Vaccines from Israel to cure coronavirus

Iran, the long-standing enemy of Israel and United State is one of the countries hardest hit by the deadly coronavirus.

It was reported that Iran has on different occasions threatened to destroy Israel.
Israeli scientists  are said to be almost done on a vaccine against coronavirus pandemic. In few weeks time, the vaccine will be hopefully released.
Though it takes time and bureaucracies to develop and approve vaccines, yet this particular one will be facilitated to save the world from the doom the fast spread of the virus is causing.

It is also reported that around a month and a half after the genetic sequence of COVID-19 was published, a biotechnology company Moderna, Inc., based in Boston, Massachussets, announced it had completed the development of a possible coronavirus vaccine.

The vaccine was sent to the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, with clinical trials, which will include up to 25 health participants to start in April.

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