It’s Time we leave politics and solve this issue of Army killings in Igbo land – Sen Abaribe Cried out

The senator representing Abia South has called on South East Governor to jettison politics and political aspiration and find a way to solve this issue of soldiers coming here to kill people.

He stated that the inability of the IGBO political leaders to speak up is the reason this attacks keep happening.

In his word,

“In Nigeria today, igbo land has military checkpoints than any other regions.

“Why should soldiers be mounting road blocks instead of the paramilitary agencies.

“It’s very unfortunate and you can see what is going on. The way soldiers attack innocent people here is not how it happens in other regions.

“We all saw what went down in yoruba land and how the political leaders stopped the crisis through dialogue.

“But here, we abandoned our people and watch them being killed in broad daylight yet we say nothing about it.

“Boko Haram and Bandits do kill soldiers and innocent people, do the soldiers also go after the people the way they do in South East?

“If this continues, a time would come when South East youths would revolutionalize and that will be on our head.”

Soldiers must stop killing our youths.

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