Nnamdi Kanu was not there when new Biafra was born, Now he is insulting leaders of various ethnic nationalities – Chief Chukwuma Eyisi

A Chieftain of the Biafra Independent Movement And The Movement For The Actualisation Of The Sovereign State of Biafra (BIM MASSOB), Chukwuma Eyisi expresses worries and condemns the insults meted to the leaders of various ethnic nationalities in the country by Nnamdi Kanu.

He said that Nnamdi Kanu is and was not there when the new Biafra was born. Rather he came in Ten Years after and its very unfortunate that his utterances and vociferousness has made a lot of people to reject Biafra as if it belongs to him.

The Chief Minister of Western Zone C, who spoke in a statement signed by the Director For Media Publicity And Information BIM MASSOB WESTERN Zone, Comrade Louis. C. Arupuo said that his actions are creating confusion in the Eastern Region and that some people are seeing him as the Igbo leader which he always portrays himself to be but juxtapose from that, he is not and can never be and neither can he speak for Ndigbo and Biafrans.

The Biafran Elder in Council said that other ethnic nationalities has been raining insults on Ndigbo describing us as People who don’t have respects for others because of the unmannered actions of Nnamdi Kanu.He said that before now, we have been one Eastern Region before the Civil War and after the war, we had to sign an agreement with the leaders of other ethnic nationalities which has been presented to the International Communities that we are one .He also said that its very childish for someone to wake up one morning to reject Biafra or start insulting Ndigbo, because rejecting Biafra is to reject your true identity. Such is not acceptable because Nnamdi Kanu is actually working against Biafra which is what he was paid for.

Chief Eyisi who is also known as “The Digital Elder” said “that Nnamdi Kanu is been sponsored to destroy Biafra, using the name Biafra to misled, misguide, misdirect and divide brothers in the Former Eastern Region. But the fact is that it’s too late to cry when the head is off the neck.

Chief Dr Chukwuma CNN Eyisi, an Economist also said that it’s very awkward for a reasonable person to believe that Nnamdi Kanu is speaking for the entire Biafrans. It is also baseless to align him with the visions, aspirations and dreams of the new Biafra which Is anchored on the ethics and ethos of the principles of nonviolence and non Exodus.It was actually midwifed by Chief Dr Ralph Uwazuruike Ijele Ndigbo who is the father of the new Biafra Nation.

He apologises to those ethnic nationalities been insulted, he obliged that they disregard all Nnamdi Kanu said reasons being that he is not for Biafra but for total destruction.

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