“No COVID-19 in Nigeria, see why Government are lying” – Pastor Ibiyeomi

Pastor David Ibiyeomi, the senior pastor of Salvation Ministries, in Port harcourt just asserts that there is no single case of Coronavirus in Nigeria that all the Confirmed cases are just a way of stealing money.

He claims that even Malaria kills more than the number of people Cornavirus has been killing in Nigeria since the Government claimed to have detected it in the country.

He justified his assertion by making reference to the Founder of Africa Independent Television and Chairman of DAAR Communications, Raymond Dokpesi Jnr. who shared his experience in Gwagwalada Isolation Center during his COVID-19 Medical treatment.

He said, according to Raymond Dokpesi, people with Malaria are been confirmed as COVID-19 Patient.

Pastor David says the whole issue of COVID-19 is just to create an avenue for our leaders to loot money. On the Pulpit, Pastor David says “I told the people, what is Coronavirus?”Coronavirus is just a virus that is Corona. “People are making noise about Coronavirus. To me, it is rubbish. Did anyone make any noise about Malaria?” He continues. “Everyday people die of Malaria. So, what are we talking about Coronavirus, closing borders up and down for what?” He added

He says he does not even think Nigeria has it. “They claimed Dokpesi had it but, he was given Malaria tablet as treatment. If it is Coronavirus, then why use Malaria drug for treatment? Or Are they the same?”

Lastly, he said “Nigeria, they are using it to eat money. Governors, Corporations et al eat money. They tell lies they will take money from federal aid. In Nigeria, if people have it, I do not think they are up to that number, when one has high temperature, fever they will say it is Corona, quarantine him”

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