Orlu: ESN Didn’t shoot Down Any Jet Fighter, Maybe The Helicopter Crashed Because It Is An Outdated Equipment – Man Says

Biafran activist has dropped a counter post to refute the claim that ESN shot down military helicopter in Orlu, Imo State.

In an Independent report, A source revealed that one Nigeria Air Force helicopters was disabled by the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

According to Mr Okeke, he disapproving the report in a short note on his Facebook page, said the ESN never attacked any helicopter, citied that Nigerian Military were the ones shooting from the air into communities in Orsu.

He further added that if any helicopter was down as previously reported, it might be due to “mechanical faults”

“Nigeria military are known for using outdated equipment,” Mr Okeke stressed.

He wrote: “Nigerian Army with their helicopters came to our land to kill our people but even as such ESN is more focused on removing from our forests the Janjaweed, that have been destroying our crops raping our women and killing our people.

“We want to inform the general public that Eastern Security Network didn’t gun down any jet fighter, anyone that might have happened was maybe due to mechanical faults because Nigeria military are known for using outdated equipment.

“We Eastern Security Network have a sole goal which is to flush out all terrorists from our forests. The image been circulated was an image that emanated from an incident four years ago. Our people are the ones under attack as many might have seen in trending videos where Nigeria Military were shooting from the air into communities in Orsu.

“When it is time for retaliation, you will know.”

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