Orlu Genocide: Enough Is Enough, Biafrans Are Not Coward – Biafran Govt tells Buhari

The Biafra Minister for Information, Chief Samuel Njoku have warn the Nigeria President, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari to withdraw his murderous soldiers from the peaceful land of Orlu.

The Minister who stated this while condemning the random killings that is going on in Oru East, Ideator North, Ideator South and its environs in Orlu Senatorial zone of Imo State. Noted that the Nigeria Military have besieged and descended on the peaceful and Non violent civilian population in Orlu in Imo State for no reason.

The Minister also fumed over the level of destructions that have taken place since the debacles started including the burning of BIM-MASSOB State Secretariat in Mgbe, Ideator South Local Government Area, Imo State.

In his words, he said, “The Military knows who killed one of them, they should go against them and leave the civilians and non violent people alone.

“We have also gotten a report that the military have vandalized and burnt down the State secretariat Headquarters of BIM-MASSOB turned Biafra Internal Government in Orlu.

“The Nigeria government should note that Ndigbo are not cowards, the fact that we chossed Non violence doesn’t mean that we are coward, No one have monopoly of violence.

“Buhari should know that we are very much aware of his plans and games. He pardons and enlisted Boko-Haram boys that kills military men in thousands into the Military and Paramilitary but drive pleasure in killing, destroying and maining innocent people of Biafra. Enough of all this destructions in our land. We will never tolerate these anymore.

“We are tired of bloodletting in our land in guise of any reason.

“United Nations should recognise Biafra now before things get out of hand. Because we will never allow ourselves be be wiped out before we defend ourselves, the Fulani led Federal Government of Nigeria are bitting more than they can chew, the world can not afford another war in Nigeria.

“We condemned the attack on the military and we also urge the military to go after the people that attacked them and not destroying properties that belongs to the peaceful and non violent BIM-MASSOB members and also killings of innocent civilians in our land”.

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