President Buhari reportedly probes late Chief of staff, Abba Kyari’s office

President Muhammadu Buhari is reported to have began a probe into the late chief of staff, Ahba Kyari’s office.

Reports suggest that over 150 memos that didn’t have the authorization of the president have been uncovered.

However, this recent occurrence might lead to the cancellation of all appointments and approval made by the late Ahba Kyari without the approval of the president.

However, reports suggest that the latest move was necessitated by the powers that brought the new chief of staff, Ibrahim Gambari into power.

Moreover, this is not actually the first time that we are hearing about the instability in the Buhari inner cabinet because as at December 2019, the special security adviser to president Buhari, Babagana Mangulo wrote a memo to the president regarding interference by the late chief of staff.

He however accused the late Ahba Kyari of attempting to usurp the powers of the president by sidestepping the president directives to impose his own for implementation.

Meanwhile, there is an indication that president Buhari may have directed his new chief of staff to carry on with the cancellation of all appointments made by the late chief of staff without his permission.

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