See why you should avoid using Ankara face masks

Face masks or Nose masks as people fondly call it has become a basic necessity in our society today. The need for people to protect themselves from contamination has made many result to wearing various forms of face masks, some of which offer little or no protection.

Fashion has found its way into the need for safety as people have started using Ankara materials to make face masks for reasons which include; making their mask match their outfit, re-usability, and accessibility. The current face mask fashion trend has even resulted in people putting on gas masks as protection against the virus.

Are Ankara face masks actually safe?

This is the big question. There are essential qualities a good face mask is supposed to posses for it to offer proper protection against infection. These qualities include;

1. Disposability: A protective face mask especially against a virus is not something that should be reused. It is supposed to be disposed off immediate after it is taken off the face to avoid transmission of any virus that might be hanging on to it. That is why such face masks are sold it packs containing dozens of it.

Ankara masks defy this important quality of disposability. Most people result to using Ankara masks because they can wash and reuse, though economical, it is not healthy. Why is it not healthy? Good question, when a face mask is worn and exposed to the possibility of being contaminated, the proper action to take is to dispose it and wash hands immediately but with an Ankara mask, the user would want to take it off the face, propably keep it amongst dirty clothes till when they decide to wash it.

If such used masks kept with other household materials are infected, the virus is likely to spread to other items in the house thereby putting the health of residents at risk.

2. Breatheable: A good face mask must be light in texture to allow its user breath comfortably. The materials with which most of these Ankara masks are made are not breathable, they are sometimes very thick and make the user struggle to catch their breath as though they’re running a marathon. Imagine an asthmatic person using such Ankara masks, does that not assure the occurrence of episodes or even certain death?

It is advisable to stick to the normal face masks that are easily disposable and if you must use Ankara masks, make sure you exercise proper caution.

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