Should we continue paying workers at home during this coronavirus pandemic

Because of the crash in global oil costs, country governments have not acquired any federal allocation for the month of march 2020.

States lament fiscal woes as Federal Government fail to disburse allocation, states can also owe salaries in coming months, as governor laments economic woes.

There are warning signs that tough times await Nigerians, particularly civil servants working with state governments, as states may owe salaries incoming months.

This became disclosed through the kebbi state government when it lamented over the shortfall in the states sales, caused by the top notch disbursement of federal allocation.

It may be difficult for them to continue to exist if there fears of nonpayment of salaries emerge as truth, as state governments order sit down at home to people, a flow made to curb the spread of coronavirus (covid-19).

What It Manner: because of the crash in global oil fees, country governments have not acquired federal allocation for the month of march 2020. from all warning signs, people in states like Osun, Ekiti and Kogi among others which have outstanding salaries issues may additionally face difficult times.

In step with the governor, Atiku Bagudu the salaries and pensions of workers might be paid for the month of march, but next months seem very unsure because the federal authorities allocation has now not yet been distributed to any state.

The governor spoke at an emergency stakeholders’ assembly in Benin Kebbi, to chart the best direction of movement for the financial future of the state, within the face of the looming international economic meltdown.

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