Should we impose another lockdown or not – Lagos govt ask as over 70,000 people vote (check result)

Many more Lagosians want their state government to impose another lockdown in the state, as Lagos state keep recording new cases of coronavirus and keep topping the chart everyday.

Not Upto 2 weeks ago, the coronavirus lockdown was eased in the major cities, Lagos, Ogun and the FCT, the compliance of people to the measures strictly laid down have not been followed judiciously.

At this time of report, Lagos state has 2,099 confirmed cases of coronavirus, 1,525 active cases, 541 recoveries and 33 deaths.

The decision and question for another lockdown to be imposed in Lagos state was revealed in a twitter poll by the state government where residents were asked to vote for a fresh new lockdown or no lockdown again

Though the poll is still ongoing, the current result shows that the majority of the residents and people, 48.8% want another lockdown while the remaining 40.8 % do not want another lockdown to be imposed. 10% of the people are neutral

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