So sad: Mother cried as her son Impregnateshis 2 sisters during lockdown

A 52-year-elderly woman has taken to social media (Facebook) to look for counsel on what to do, after finding out her 15-year-old and 13-year-old daughters are pregnant for their brother.

As indicated by her, “I am single mother and mother of three children, a boy of 17years and two young ladies of 15years and 13years. I am an international civil servant and a dedicated christian.”

“I am not keeping in touch with you to search for a life partner however to send a genuine cry to all guardians and also to seek for advice.

“I live with my three kids, in my home, I am usually at my workplace throughout the day except weekends.

“Since the authorities halted the classes, I have prohibited my children to go out, they are limited since the start, there is just the cleaning young lady who comes to work and leaves.

“As for the children, I watch out for them however today I am overwhelmed by what’s going on.

“Consistently I watch that my little girls are well because the older one often has stomach ache when she is healthy, so I get along each time.”

However, strangely in April, she didn’t show anything, and I saw early indications of pregnancy, so I asked her to gather some from her urine for me the previous morning, and afterward I did the GIT which turned out positive.

“It didn’t reveal to me much, at night I returned to her room to discuss calmly with her to discover who is responsible for this pregnancy.

“The 17-Year-Old Boy additionally Impregnated his youngest sister who is only 13 years of age.

“To my greatest surprise, it is with tears in her eyes that she revealed to me that her elder brother and that since the suspension of classes, this is what they do at home when I’m not there, and even with the youngest. that is the point at which I recollected that she also isn’t in her period for quite a while because her period started at 11 years old years. so I attempted to do her as well, shockingly, it was same case.

“Calmly, I called my child to ask him what truly occured. He admitted the facts with his sisters and he has been out of the house since the previous evening and I haven’t heard from him.

“I truly need your advice, I am crushed, I see my dreams shattered after so many years of commitment. My husband has been dead since 2009 and I am accountable for everything.

“I don’t have the slightest idea on what to do, I need to see my kids grow up together and become responsible people, yet with what is befalling me, I have no strength left in me.

“I have thought about abortion but I am a believer and my faith doesn’t permit me.”

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