Soleimani Killing: We Will Join Hands With Iran Against American Arrogance – Kim

Kim Jong-Un, the supreme leader of North Korea has condemned the assasination of Qassem Soleimani, Iranian general.

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It was reported that the US airstrike killed Iran’s Soleimani the top Iranian military commander.

Kim has vow to join hands with Iran to finish the United State due to their arrogance in the region.

“We stand by Iran against American arrogance in the region.”

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“The United States committed three great mistakes, and they will pay for all three mistakes.”

“The first mistake was they violated the Iraqi sovereignty and territorial integrity, and because of that they will received a response from the Iraqis.

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“They cancelled their agreement, which the United States had already violated by not informing the Iraqis.”

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“They had the emotions of a large number of people from India to Russia, not to mention Iran, Iraq.

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