Stop eating alone, Women are poisoning their Husbands food – Lady advises Men

Men have been warned to stop eating alone whenever their wives serve them food.

The advice was given by an unidentified lady on social media, who says most wealthy men have been poisoned by their wives.

She says the wealthy men that have been poisoned are experiencing liver and kidney problem including hear failure.

A Nigerian lady has advised married men to be cautious of their wives, adding that they should always ensure they never eat alone when their wives serve them.

The unidentified lady said women are now the ones killing their husbands by poisoning them for no reason.

She said men should eat with their wives so that if the food is poisoned they will both die together.

According to her, she has heard about many cases of women killing their husbands and it is gradually becoming a norm.

She said most wealthy men are experiencing liver and kidney problem including hear failure because their wives had poisoned them.

In other news Clara Chekwube, a Nigerian woman on Twitter, has said that she does not think she is on the same level with her husband in marriage. The woman said that no matter how modern the world is, she will always respect her husband.

A Nigerian man with handle @owoyemi_olabode in response to her tweet said his parents’ marriage broke down because of his mother.

A Nigerian woman with the name Clara Chekwube has spoken about what is expected of a woman in marriage. In a post on the micro-messaging platform on Friday, May 14, she said the “no matter how modern the world gets”, she will never believe she and her husband are mates.

Chekwube went further and said that there is always a hierarchy in marriage, adding that she believes as a traditional woman, her “husband is the head of the home.

She added that he is the CEO and she could be the manager. In response to her tweet, a Nigerian man with the Twitter handle @owoyemi_olabode said that his parents’ marriage failed because his mother was not submi*ssive to his dad.

He said that he learnt a lesson from that and would never marry a girl who will be in constant ego war with him.

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