The Clock Is Ticking, And A Bomb Is About To Explode – Kim

The Clock Is Ticking, And A Bomb Is About To Explode - Kim

Kim Jong Un, North Korea Leader has threatens military escalation as clock ticks on year-end deadline.

Kim has a message for President Trump and the United States saying the clock is ticking, and a bomb is about to explode.

As a result, North Korea said it no longer felt bound by previous commitments. That could signal plans to resume nuclear or long-range missile tests.

There are seven weeks until North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un scheduled to deliver a keynote speech. That will come a day after his self-imposed year-end deadline expires for the United States to come up with new proposals to restart nuclear talks.

On Wednesday — with Washington transfixed on the House impeachment inquiry — North Korea significantly raised the stakes, making an implicit threat to resume long-range missile or nuclear tests.

In an official statement, the North said it felt “betrayed” by a U.S. decision to continue with joint air drills, calling it an “undisguised breach” of an agreement made between Kim and President Trump.

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