The World is coming together to fight a Pandemic and we here killing ourselves even before the virus – Fani-Kayode 

Femi Fani-Kayode has shows displeasure in the way we are been wicked to ourselves in this pandemic coronavirus period.

Fani-Kayode reacted to the rate at which people inflate prices things which suppose to be sold at the cheapest price in this period of COVID-19.

“I feel like crying, It’s so heartbreaking that in time like this, we chose to be evil and wicked to ourselves….

“You see Nigerians, we are our own problem.
“A cup of rice is selling for #170 to #180.

“A bag of sachet water is being sold at #200.

“Methylated spirit is now #800.

“A custard paint of garri sold at #1200.

“I mean practically everything is on the hike when we have a very terrible situation on ground.

“The traders and the citizens can’t help one another and tomorrow we will be complaining about a bad government.

“We are blaming and cursing government when our hearts are way more wicked and evil than theirs.

“In other countries, landlords are not collecting rent from their tenants, price of things are reduced by 50% or more, people are helping each and here we are killing ourselves.

“Like it or not, people will die of hunger than the virus itself.

“What happens to staying and fighting together.

“Why is every situation an opportunity to exploit people?

“Why are we so careless and wicked to ourselves?

“Where is the humanity in us?

“Where is the love in us?

“Where’s the sympathy in us?

“Where is the compassion and pity in us?

“We still have a long way to go. Even God himself is ashamed of our behaviour!!!!

“The world is coming together to fight a Pandemic and we are here killing ourselves even before the virus.

“No wonder our leaders don’t care..

“My heart is broken this time we are!!!!

“I have never been this pained and sober in my life!!

“This is wickedness!!

“This is man inhumanity to man!!!!!”


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