Think about your neighbours, before donating your Private Buildings as Isolation Centers – Shehu Sani

COVID-19: Shehu Sani caution those donating their Private Buildings as Isolation Centers

Former Senator Shehu Sani has sent a note of warning to Nigerians donating their private property to the government as isolation center.

Shehu Sani via his Twitter said those people should consult with their neighbours first before making such decision to donate their property as isolation centre for treating Covid-19 patient.

Sani said the welfare and health of neighbours should be considered before such steps are taken as they would be at the receiving end of such actions.

The former senator tweeted: “Before you donate your unoccupied building to the Government to be used as Isolation Center, be courteous and consult with your neighbours.

“They are at the receiving end when things go wrong, while you take the glory and the commendation for doing good”.

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