“We Were Given Only Malaria Medications, So When Did Malaria Become Covid19” – Dokpesi

“We Were Given Only Malaria Medications, So When Did Malaria Become Similar To Covid19”

Edo state born business man, owner of DAAR commucations and African independent Television (AIT) and former chairman of the people’s democratic party (PDP) have come out in a new video to narrate a little of his experience while undergoing treatment after he tested positive to the virus.

Recall that Dokpesi, his daughter-in-law and six members of his family tested positive for the virus, days after his first son, Raymond Jnr, tested positive for the virus.

He highlighted some observations he made while at the Isolation center receiving treatment, they are:

1. They were given mostly malaria medications

2. Some persons that tested positive for Covid19 were initially tested and discovered to have malaria parasite in their blood streams

3. And lastly is Covid19 is synonymous with malaria infection since only malaria medications were administered to them.

“I did not go into gwagalada as high chief Raymond dokpesi, I went there as an ordinary citizen who complied because I wanted to see what the ordinary man goes through. There’s no gainsaying that quite the numbers of COVID positive patients have been rising, there is no gainsaying that our medical personnel as few as they were

As few as they are are professional and can be compared to any other personnels around the world. But I Still have doubts in my mind, I still want to be properly educated as a bloody mechanic. What is the difference between covid nineteen which is a parasite and malaria which is mosquito. Because every medication we were given were malaria medications. Even some people before being told that they were positive they were tested in reputable laboratories in Abuja, they were tested in hospitals in Abuja and what they found was that they had alot of malaria parasite in their blood stream. So when did malaria become synonymous with covid nineteen.? That is food for thought. Thank you.”

However, as at today 15th of May, 2020, Raymond Dokpesi, and two of his grandchildren have tested negative to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) twice and consequently discharged from the University of Abuja Treatment Centre. After which he released This video that have been trending online.

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