We won’t go down with Nigeria, What God did not join together cannot stand – Anita Briggs

Rights activists and one of prominent voices in the Niger Delta, Annkio Briggs, has said the South South region is currently in a survival mode, as agitations and ethnic tentions continue to tear the country apart.

Briggs made this known during Zoom Conference meeting organized by Njenje Media Group and moderated by its CEO Maazi Tochukwu Ezeoke on the topic tagged, “Killer Herdsmen Invasion Of Southern Nigeria And The Middle-Belt Region, Causes And Solutions.”

She said Nigeria is already dead because it has failed to work for all, as can be seen in the frequent clashes between ethnic groups, and agitations for self determination.

“My aim is survival of my own Ijaw people because Nigeria is dead already, it is our own individual ethnic group that is alive,” She said in her contribution.

“Nigeria is failed already, and I don’t not want my people to fail with Nigeria. I want my people to survive, ” she added.

Briggs humorously noted that “God did not make Nigeria, Lugard did” She made this assertion persuading the listening audience to believe that the ravaging Herdsmen attack is slavery in nature and appears to be a vicious battle for hegemony. She strictly warned that our independence is paramount and therefore should not be sabotaged by any group.

Other participants including Afenifere and SOKAPU, also made their contributions.

Speaking during the conference, the spokesman of Afenifere, Yinka Odumakin noted that the Southern region of the country can’t continue to leave together with Northern Nigeria with the 1999 Constitution. demanding for new constitution with an option to opt out if you are tired.

According to him, we cannot leave together with this constitution, let us write a new Constitution with an option to opt out if you are tired. What we have in Nigeria is a clash of Civilization.

The Afenifere Spokesman accused President Muhammadu Buhari of executing the agenda of Fulani people in Nigeria.

Also, in his presentation during the Conference, the President of SOKAPU, Jonathan Asake said the way out of the insecurity in the country is scrapping of 1999 Constitution and make provision for the new constitution.

He said there is ongoing agenda of Fulani to suppress every other region to their dictate which they have been able to achieve to some extent in the Southern Kaduna adding that Buhari’s regime is taking cover under 1999 Constitution to continue to allow Fulani to invade communities across the country.

According to him, it is agenda that predates Buhari’s government regime, taking cover under 1999 Constitution to allow Fulani to invade communities, protecting invaders, if you make attempt to protect yourself, you will be detained.

“There is deliberate plans to supplant and change demography of Southern part of the country and middle belt, the 1999 Constitution should be brought down to tackle problem facing the country. ”

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