You want to Host or attend a Party in Lagos? Here are strict guidelines to follow – Lagos Govt

While the gradual easing of the lockdown in some parts continues, Lagos state have confirmed the reopening of Churches, Mosques and Hotels. But all of this will come with some painstaking rules to adhere to.

Lagos state Governments has given stringent guidelines for party.

1) All Event Centers, Churches and Mosque will compulsorily be disinfected, before every use.

2) Every event center will provide a not electronic hand wash basin and electronic hand sanitizing equipment for the guest.

You want to Host or attend a Party in Lagos? Here are strict guidelines to follow - Lagos Govt

3) Every event partner will need to partner with credible and reliable, security company. most especially bouncers, who will act as COVID-19 enforcement officers, this security personnel will have to be responsible also for enforcing the wearing of Nose mask and checking of the temperature of the guest.

4) Events with over 300 guest in attendance will only be allowed to take place, if there is a emergency COVID-19 compliance Ambulance service stationed at the event center.

5) All ushers will compulsorily wear a nose mask and hand gloves, plus leading the guest to the Hand washing zone, so they will wash their hands before entry.

6) No Nose Mask, no entry.

7)In a situation where the guest has a questionable temperature, such guest will be led to the COVID-19 compliance ambulance, for interrogation and taken away.

8) All event guest will have a bottle of Hand sanitizer on their table before arrival.

9) 10 guest on a round table, will not be allowed anymore, only a maximum of five guest on a table will be allowed henceforth. While the table will be 6ft apart from each other.

10) Disposable, Plates, Spoon and cups. Will only be allowed for the main time.

11) In a situation where couples are dancing, clustering of such areas will not be allowed, on or two guest at a time will be the new norm.

12) No more spraying of physical cash, as all cash gifts will be enveloped by guests, before or during the event, plus making available cash gifts envelopes.

13) Clustering during photography will not be allowed, social distancing must be part.

14) All event centers, churches and mosque will be disinfected after all events.

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